Driven by principle, distracted by the complications of life, critical by default, liar by habit.

I chase clarity, perspective, experiences and glory. Glory as in “never live a day settling for the undesirables”. Haunted by words and possibilities, mostly fantastical possibilities of this life. Always trying to put happiness over comfort, and sometimes I put my happiness before others’ comfort,  uncompromisingly though; but very much apologetic.

In my natural habitat when mild Oasis/The Lumineers is blasting (and by blasting I mean 30 dB), an Austen is at hand and some tea is within reaching distance.

Inspirations and creativity are random, and my posts even more so. Lack the perseverance, but always put “determination” down as one of the “three words that best describe me”. Again, as I said, liar by habit.

I used to say that I quote Oscar Wilde and Dean Karnazes, sometimes Taylor Swift. Now I just quote Fitzgerald and Einstein.

Based on a true story.

xx L.


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