February Favorites | 2016

MUJI Photo Album

Compact, sleek and overturning all my prejudice against Grandma-style photo albums. This MUJI photo album is holding my memories from February, and probably my memories for many years to come. The album holds many photos without taking up much space – WIN.

iPhone 6s

Everybody adores a good phone, and I have been luring after iPhone 6s for some time now. Luckily, I received one as a present for the New Year. It’s a regular size iPhone 6s in Rose Gold and I can’t complain!

The Body Shop Body Butter

Honestly, expect a mention of this product every time I purchase a new one. I stumbled across this limited-edition or out-of-stock scent while shopping, and I couldn’t put it down. Early-Harvest Raspberry sounds so random, but smells so good!

DHC Lip Cream

You know what’s up when you finish one lip balm in a month. This lip cream smells like olive oil – something I actually quite enjoy! It moisturize your lips without leaving you looking like you just had Chinese food.

Rocket Alarm

Imagine for me if you will, being waken up by “firefly”, and being able to play a rocket game after that. I know, I know, a thing for nerds. The app has been my savior post-holidays, and I have never been late since!

H&M Ankle Boots

I found my perfect pair of ankle boots in this 30$ pair, and I can’t imagine a better deal than this. The boots are comfortable when worn in a couple times, and you most definitely get the bang for your buck!

xx L.


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