2016 Favorites

Couldn’t find a photo that accurately depicted my year – so please enjoy an awkward stare at my crotch.


DHC lip cream – I believe this made an appearance in last year – sorry, I mean 2015 – ‘s monthly favorites. Well, that just goes to show how much I enjoy this lip balm. This one is truly a game-changer as the moisturizing effect actually lasts on the lips. After applying, it  moisturizes like a lip mask or treatment, sans the oiliness. The only downside is the little product in each tube – but finishing an entire lip balm is always fun and a motivation to use more.

Caudaulie Beauty Elixir – Definitely a frequent visitor of my monthly favorites page as well. Considering I’ve only gone through a 50mL deluxe sample of this mist, it has most certainly made an impression. I love the fact that it contains oil substances, and therefore actually keeps the hydration in the skin. The refreshing scent makes it a great pick-me-up whenever you need one.


Touch in Sol Stretchex Mascara – I have became a more adventurous soul on the makeup front over the past 366 days, and by that, I mean actually wearing makeup out the door. Haha, the sad little life I live. I fell in love hard with many crimson lipsticks and purple eyeshadows, but the one item that locked my soul still comes from the natural category. I had zero to none expectations for this mascara since it came in a set, but it creates the most realistic yet flattering lashes I’ve ever seen atop my eyeballs. It lengthens just the right amount, while separates and thickens each lash. The wand is much more comfortable than my ride or die Covergirl Clump Crusher as well. I think we might have a black horse.

MUJI eyelash curler – Continuing the strong eyelash game, this simple, compact eyelash curler blows every other one out the water. Leaning on the affordable side, the MUJI travel curler leaves you with the most natural and flower-y lashes that lasts all day long. And maybe I’m a lunatic, but I feel like my lashes actually remain curled now – sometimes I don’t even have to touch the curler before applying mascara.


密会밀회 – Despite me chasing crazily after Desendants of the sun in March/April, the Korean drama that took the cake for me in 2016 was Yoo Ah-in and Kim Hee Ae’s “Secret Love Affair”. From the seamless acting, breathtaking soundtrack to the tear-jerking lines, this drama about a 20 yo rising pianist and a mid-40s business women left me breathless. The filmotography and editing only added more reasons to love the show. For sure one that I will be watching over and over in years to come.



A Clockwork Orange – What else is there to say except for a true masterpiece. The message is explicit, but when you watch more times and dig deeper, you find other things that the movie is conveying. Dark humor with bright colors, the best kind.


纵贯线 Superband Live in Taipei – it is only fitting that I bought this album in Taipei. I have always envied my parents for having went to a Superband concert, even when I had little idea who were in this once-in-a-lifetime band. After buying their album, I have listened to each song at least 20+ times and it makes me happy knowing that I’m listening to some of Mandarin’s best works.

地表最强 The Invincible – I thought about including Jay Chou in here, but I figured that you guys are really over my on-going praise by now. So this is just the concert I went to on June 30th. Damn, though I was sitting in the furthest back section in the stadium, seeing him live is just something else. It’s an incredible feeling knowing that everyone in the stadium has a story about him. I’m already saving up for next time.


一点点 波霸红 Boba black tea – possibly the most random favorite ever, but as someone who never strays far away from the good ole’ Oolong Boba with 0% sugar, the drink took me by surprise. I ordered this accidentally when I mistook it for the usual, and I cringed at the fact that it was 50% sugar. I gave it a courageous go and haven’t looked back since. Without the addition of milk, the drink is twice as refreshing and the bubbles are also less likely to “wilt”. Win-win.


Everlane The Modern Bomo – 2016 hasn’t been a huge year for fashion as I was transitioning into a more mature and coherent style (and also hugely on a budget). Nevertheless, I discovered a few great pieces. This step-back shoes caused me some awkward situations where attempts at explanation were unsuccessful. It is a trendy piece for sure, but the sleek design and the timeless leather convince me that this pair is here to stay for a couple more years. Never been into pointy toes until now.

Chloe Faye – Now mine’s a knockoff, but I might love it even more because of its unique design. Half suede and half denim combines two of the most popular fabrics right now, and the royal blue color adds an exciting accent to my usually monochromically black outfit.Though it doesn’t house much, it contains enough.

H&M jumpsuit – jumpsuit usually conveys a sense of childishness, but this tightly-fitted one in black denim is youthful yet spirited. Pairs well with most tops from cropped printed tanks to oversized knitted wear, this jumpsuit is truly pan-seasonal.

Zara Graffiti denim jacket – I never had a denim jacket that quite worked the way I want denim jackets to, and due to their rather stiff material, it’s hard to make any changes to their shapes. Well, this one hasn’t left my shoulders since December. The boyish outline paired with the fun graffiti pattern in the back makes the outfit really personal.


xx L.



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