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Small Doses

If social media is a drug, take it in small doses.


We never need a new year, but every 365 days, we all need a new soul. To start over, to move on, and to set new goals. So this is me with my new soul, starting to write 2016.

Big Girls Do Cry

When did we stop crying? No, don’t get me wrong. I cry regularly. I cry easily. I cry hard. Trust me, my pillows know. But why doesn’t everybody else? I had a pretty rough day last Saturday. I spent 10 hours on the road to Hong Kong to take my ACTs the day before; I sat for hours under…

My Poetic Battle

We all carry burdens and expectations on our shoulders, but my problem is, I don’t like any of mine. Maybe I should go through an easy, comfortable life just like everybody else, just like my parents, and not regret my life; but honestly, I’d rather fuck myself up and find out who I really am, and not having to regret myself. And that, I think is pretty poetic.

Chasing Clarity | Vol. 3

Sep. 11. 2015 I was a little uncertain when I first started this series, because I knew that I couldn’t blog about changes everyday. I started anyways, because like many things in life, they will all eventually make sense. And today, this series made sense to me. All of my writings are triggered by thoughts,…

Chasing Clarity | Vol.2

Sep. 4. 2015 Honestly, I didn’t think that I was going to continue that log, at least not regularly. And the format, though so very systematic and therefore so very “me”, it’s just difficult to keep up while having this much on your plate and I figured that blogs shouldn’t be something that I turn…

So… What Happened?

My parent’s generation seem all share a rather unfortunate characteristic of being practical. Or at least, they enjoy criticizing my generation for having big hopes and dreams. Tonight at the dinner table, my mom brought up a case of her friend’s daughter, who’s biggest aspiration is to become a psychiatrist because she “delight in the…

Chasing Clarity | Vol. 1

Aug. 18th, 2015. I don’t know what triggered me to start today, but whatever it is, I am thankful for it. As of today, I have two papers overdue, thirty readings to finish and a book to read. I am confident that I will finish all tasks. I met up with Lucy today, and I got…