New Nostalgia

Songs from my motherland – despite when or how I discovered them – are nostalgic for me. About five years ago, I fell in love with a pretty little thing named Taylor Swift (oh, those days) and strayed away from Chinese songs. But this isn’t a story of “I never looked back”.

Much similar to how “I love you” in my mothertounge is scarier than that in any other language, the lyrics speak to me in ways no other language does. And this month, I was brave enough to embrace all the emotions.

最长的电影 - Jay Chou/我很忙

“I remember you told me to forget, I remember you told me to forget.” Enough for tears to start streaming.

七里香 – Jay Chou/叶惠妹

Arguably the musical genius’ best piece, ever. The right mixture of joy and sadness, I simply cannot get enough.

不能说的秘密 – Jay Chou/不能说的秘密

This one I didn’t expect myself to fall in love with, but after accidentally coming across a ten-thousand people chorus during his live concert, I have dedicated myself to learning all the lyrics. Then I dedicated myself to hearing it 24/7.

明明就 – Jay Chou/十二新作

Oh God, how my roommate hated me for this. In the beginning of the month, I played the song and sang along, literally, non-stop. “Non-stop” as in without a break of breath in between. I’d vote it for the song of the month.

勿忘心安 – 张杰/窃听风云

Nice to see another artist, huh? A fight song with much regret – my kinda thing.

情歌王 – 古巨基/我还是你的情歌王

The classic love song of all love songs. At first, I was curious at how people could remember the lyrics and sequence of a mash-up song, but now I understand – after the 100th play, you kinda just do.

Consequently, I have also been indulging all songs from the mashup, namely 我怀念的 by 孙燕姿 and 听海 by  张惠妹.

Far away from nostalgia, I have also adopted the Korean culture full-heartedly in the past month, all due to the drama “Descendants of the Sun”.

Rush – Leessang ft. Jungi/Leessang of the Honey Family

Rush now, rush again, towards the sun, above my sun. Who needs to speak the language to make it the best workout song ever?

Descendants of the Sun OST

The entire album, which I listen to with pain from Thursday to the following Wednesday, as I desperately wait for a new episode.


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