Girl Meets MAC


It was a baptism. It was a bat mitzvah. It was my entry way to a brand new world.

MAC, funnily, is associated with both makeup newbies and professionals. Something about the huge variety and high quality makes the brand stand out among all others and suitable for almost every one. I, however, have never paid too much attention to MAC counters as Sephora had always attracted me like a magnet. After accidentally finding a brand new MAC lipstick at the school dance and claiming it my own, I have fallen into the trap that is my void of MAC lipsticks. Last week, I couldn’t resist but to pick up my first two.

The one I found was Full Fuchsia in amplified finish. Never have I ever thought about coming anywhere near such color, but after putting it on, I was suddenly encouraged to try out much more. The color is far away from bland and everyday wearable, but it has quickly claimed a territory in my heart.


2015 was the year of Chili, and when I found out that it was in stock I had to pick it up. And popularity doesn’t lie. For a matte lipstick, Chili isn’t completely drying. The unique dirty orange shade isn’t anything you have seen before, and no other colors compete. The photo really speaks for itself.


Mocha is a new found favorite. The perfect mixture between pink and brown is exactly what I look for in a lipstick for my complexion. And Mocha achieves just that. It really compliments my skin tone without being too prominent or completely invisible – it’s right there in the middle, and look how happy I am wearing it! Also, the satin formula is probably my favorite out of all finishes (so far…), it’s my compromise towards matte lips.



It’s safe to say that I will be purchasing much more in the near future! I already have my eyes on a couple, but all recommendations are welcomed.

xx L.