Small Matters

Frankly, I just had the idea to photograph tiny samples as if they were colossal skyscrapers and caption the post ‘it’s like a mini-party in here!’, so can I just leave the post like this…?

Admittedly, I sometimes purchase things off the Sephora website just because I want to redeem some samples, and I often get more excited about the one-use serum than about my 30$ eyeshadows. Samples are a great way to try the temperature of the water before you jump into the pool, and when you get a free sample of some 200$ face cream, doesn’t it make you feel “so fancy”? Even if the sample is just 0.00000001 ml?

I believe that samples are underrated. They are great for traveling and you are guaranteed to never let a sample to go wasted. And I challenge you all to find another lipstick as adorable as this mini size one from Make Up For Ever.

I also love sample bags. They provide a great variety of products that may really “Wow” you. I have never considered trying the Perricone MD. face cream prior to testing it in a Sephora gift bag, but now it’s all I can think about. So I urge you, to cherish the small stuff, and never let an ounce of product to go wasted.

xx L.


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