Skincare Routine: A Winter Edit

I have a normal skin throughout most of the year, but when the winter comes, my skin is constantly thirsty. Also, as a teenager (yuck!), I sometimes deal with breakouts. With this routine, however, my skin has been feeling hydrated and starting to clear up. So I thought I’d share with you my daily ritual.


Though I don’t wear a full face of make up everyday – a couple more minutes in my warm bed is just too comfy to not sacrifice looking like a human – I do use a makeup remover to cleanse my sunscreen. I love cleansing oils more than creams or balms or gels, so the Oil Cleansing from MUJI works great for me. Not a product that I can’t live without, but it’s budget-friendly and gets the job done.

After I remove my makeup, I have the habit of washing my face with another cleanser. Right now, I’m going back and forth between Rosette (for a stronger cleanse) and La Roche-Posay Effeclar Gel (if I need something calm and easy). These two are both great products and definitely repurchase-worthy.


Now we are getting down to business. As much as I love the chilly weather, my skin feels like sahara desert (but less hot and more freezing cold) if I don’t apply some moisturizer. Usually I go for lotions over creams so my face doesn’t feel as greasy, but I recently tried out the Perricone MD. Face Finishing moisturizer and I really enjoyed it (the price tag, though, the price tag). Right now, I apply hydrating toner and top that up with hydrating lotion, so I can blast the heat all night (not that I ever do that) and wake up still hydrated. Now you may call that high maintenance, but when your skin gets as dry as mine does, you will know it as “surviving”.


I don’t usually apply face oils or eye creams or serums, as I don’t see a need of them, yet. But the break-out problem needs to be taken care of, now. I see very obvious results with these two La Roche-Posay clarifying products. I apply Effaclar K all over my face to attack small bumps and texture problems, and then I dot Effaclar A on pimples. This product can clean up pimples overnight, leaving just the slightest tint of redness.


I adore lip balms, thus I’m a hoarder of lip treatments. I’ve been really good this year, though, switching back and forth between just two products – the herbacín lip balm and the Kiehl’s lip treatment #1. I don’t like the one from Kiehl’s because it tastes of coconuts (-100 points), but the treatment is so thick that it protects my lips from the dryness throughout the night. I put on a thick layer before I go to bed, and wake up with moisturized lips.


If it’s even possible, my body gets drier than my face. My skin devours moisturizers – I have already used up 4 tubes/jars of body lotions, this winter. Currently, I’m stretching the last bit of The Body Shop’s Body Butter in the flavor (yes. not scent. flavor) Pink Grapefruit. I apply this moisturizer every morning and every night. I smell edible after application. I better stock up, though, since it won’t be long before I run out.

My feet aren’t usually dehydrated disasters, but I have recently discovered how soothing it is to apply foot moisturizer right before I go to bed. So I’ve been applying foot cream as well.

xx L.


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