Small Doses


From months of experience and experiments, I have finally concluded three effective ways to spend less time scrolling through the phone and wasting life away on social media. With these, I’m able to spend less than half an hour on the phone per day, and free up good chunks of my day with

Care Less

Unfollow. Unsubscribe. Unfriend. Detach yourself from bloggers, vloggers, acquaintances that you don’t give a damn about. Only spend your time on the worthy – those that you would actually search for if you haven’t seen their posts in a long time. If you find yourself scrolling through a picture or a tweet without even paying attention, stop yourself, and rethink the decision of following. On the YouTube front, leave your subscription box clean – only include videos from YouTubers that you would absolutely watch as soon as they pop up on your screen. The declutter can help you reduce a lot of junk in your homepage.

Share Less

Social media is a two-way street: you are actively a part of it, most of the times. So withdraw yourself from that! Before posting a picture or a snapchat story, ask yourself: “do people REALLY need to see this?” If the answer is no, then keep your life to yourself. This will save you a whole lot of time checking feedback, replying and commenting.

Waste Less

If you are a YouTube addict like me, here’s a hack for you to waste less time no videos. This might sound absurd: play YouTube videos at 1.5 the speed. Believe it or not, you can still understand everything the YouTuber pronounces. Especially with beauty videos, we are not so much there for the entertainment or the information, as much as we are there for the block of nothingness. Hearing people talking about makeup and skincare just relaxes me, but spending half an hour everyday catching up on videos – ain’t nobody got time for that! Watching the fast-paced video is the perfect compromise, and some YouTubers ramble way too much anyways.

Refresh More

Be up to date with all of your social media!

WHAT?! I hear you say. Yes, take a minute or so every hour just to refresh your social media. And because you have already ridded all the excess feeds, your homepage won’t change that much over the hour. Then, put the phone down and get back to work. Don’t instead spend half an hour or more per night just catching up – then more often than not you find yourself reading more and more, looking up memes, following new bloggers (those nights that you wasted reading link after link on Wikipedia, yeah, those nights.)

Congratulations, you officially “have a life”.

xx L.


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