May Favorites | 2016

KiKyo Couple

I cannot believe that I would actually put a ship down as a monthly favorite (note to self: get a life). The ship between Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo (co-stars of The Descendants of the Sun) has been keeping me on my toes. They are an adorable couple and I have been nothing less than obsessed. OBSESSED. I really have spent the month away stalking their instagram pages and discussing with fellow shippers.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This is a movie that I want to scream “bravo” for the director and writer as I was watching it. The filming technique and the story is so unique that I was really mesmerized by the frames and completely suck into the film. And who doesn’t love a Kate Winslet movie?

Benefit AgentZero Shine

The world has changed once I discovered that the brush in the benefit setting powder is actually a portable one – meaning that it can expand. Holy shit does that change the game. Tho the brush is still not the best that I have encountered, but the important thing is that it’s usable.

xx L.


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  1. They’re so beautiful! I wouldn’t want to use them because of how pretty they are😂

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