Chasing Clarity | Vol. 1

Aug. 18th, 2015.

I don’t know what triggered me to start today, but whatever it is, I am thankful for it. As of today, I have two papers overdue, thirty readings to finish and a book to read. I am confident that I will finish all tasks. I met up with Lucy today, and I got to see her beautiful baby brother. As we were lying on the couch scrolling through our phones, I read an article in ways to tackle depression, so I decided to try a few of those out.

  • I turned off the lights and opened up the curtains. Sunlight immediately cheered me up. I turned off the air conditioner in my room, and opened up windows and the door to let fresh air in. Breathing in flowing air feels like a mental cleanse, and I feel more energized to put effort in work.
  • I pulled out my chair and started to sit instead of lying on my bed.
  • The article said that chocolates are great in cheering up one’s mood. So I went to the supermarket to pick up a few chocolate bars. It doesn’t matter if it’s Lindls or MilkyWay, as long as it makes you happy. I think it’s important to not pick out something you crave, but something you know you love, because chances are, you are going to eat more than you should, and your cravings only taste good for the first bite, the rest is just torture.
  • Also, I started this log.
  • Javier Colon – Time After Time. This song had always been there for me, and hearing it for the first time in a very long time just ensures me that there were good times in the past, and there are going to be good times ahead.
  • Friends. I really only watch sitcoms, and Friends is arguably the best of the best. They are there for me whenever I’m down. So good jokes and happy faces are always the way to go.
  • Wechat Offical account: 清单. It listed a couple lifestyle changes that would help battle depression. Not all applies to me but I am certainly excited to try.

xx L.


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