17 Going on 47

Alongside the great awakening of my soul upon New Year’s Eve, and setting unrealistic goals that aren’t achievable, I planned to call 2016 “A Year of Challenges”. Filling the year with 12 30-day challenges that would spice up my pre-college application life.

Lo and behold, the very first challenge went along the theme of a New Year – making great plans. The challenge was to write down 30 goals for the upcoming 30 years, one per day.

The task started out painlessly. Writing down goals for the next few years was done effortlessly: start a YouTube channel; run a marathon; learn to play the guitar…  Just when I thought I started the year on a simple challenge, I “hit” my 30s – quite honestly, in my mind, I’d be dead by then – it seems so far a way!

For the later years, I struggled to picture what my life would be, who I am and who will be in my life. It took some time to resonate with the fact that “finish a triathlon” would no longer be an option (though you never know!). However, I believe that looking out to the future at a youthful and naive age, and set out goals that would probably seem ludicrous in my 40s could potentially help me keep an optimistic outlook and continue to challenge myself and enjoy life.

The goals varied from generic ones like: check off 5 things from the bucket list (oh, that would be another blog post), take up 2 classes, etc; to really specific such as adopting a dog and go bungee jumping. A few of my favorites include: give kick-ass gifts for everyone’s special occasions (b-days, x-mas), save up to buy something really expensive and dress in style every single day.

I must admit that I did include some impossible ones in there: watch a movie every night (ain’t nobody got time for that?);  travel to 12 different countries; waking up at 6 a.m. every morning and direct a film. Nonetheless, I will try. Or at least 30 years from now, when I rediscover this journal, I would have a good laugh.

What would you want your 47-year-old self to achieve?

xx L.


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