February Playlist | 2016

Been the swing of love since Valentine’s day.

Ophelia – the Lumineers/Cleopatra

What happens when your favorite band puts out a new song (after a 3-year silence)? You put it on repeat 24/7 and nod your head along. All I can say is “O-ophelia, you’ve been on my mind”.

The Girl from Ipanema – Stan Getz, João Gilberto/Getz/Gilberto

Can you tell that I’m anxious for summer nights? Candlelit front porch, gentle breeze on dews and breakfast at midnight (yes, I’m describing a scene out of the Notebook). A song to rock to, slowly. And the fact that it’s in Spanish makes it twice as charming.

甜甜的 – Jay Chou/我很忙

Since 2003, Jay has produced ballad after ballad, love song after love song. Every so often I dig up a hidden gem from some of his earliest albums, and continue to be stunned by the beyond-human talent that is Jay.

Honestly, the month has been dominated by Ophelia, and since my laptop decided to take a tumble, my access to Spotify has been put on hold. But actually, I have always found too much information overwhelming and anxiety-inducing, so here you go. Listen less, and listen well.

xx L.


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