April Favorites | 2016

How on time am I? Haha. Sincere apologies for being M.I.A lately, but that means I’m actually LIVING? Right?

Despite the lack of activity on the blog front, I actually acquired a good amount of favorites in the month of April (feels like a decade ago). Without FURTHER ado, we shall start the much belated favorites:)

Netease Music

We long for solitude in reality but loathe loneliness online. Starting from commenting to pictures and “tan-mu” (shooting comments) on videos, we have now arrived at comments on songs. Netease Music is an app for your phone and computer, on which users can write down their opinions in the comment section of a song. With the abundance of copyrighted songs (including Teletubbies Theme Song and How I Met Your Mother soundtrack, no kidding), Netease Music has spoiled me and now I can’t listen to a song without thinking what other people are saying about it. #GoodbyeSpotify.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

About a year ago, I underestimated this base because I was having bad skin days. Now that my skin has cleared up much due to SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence (read more in last month’s favorites), this tinted moisturizer is working wonders! It gives a silky and luminous look to the skin that glows throughout the day, and feels very light weight. Plus the packaging is on point. I really can’t complain.

吕 Shampoo & Conditioner

My friends nicknamed me “the Lioness” because my hair always looks like an explosion scene, and when YouTuber’s go on and on about volumizing hair products I cringe my teeth because it’s hard to imagine getting more volume in my hair. Unfortunately, nobody seems to share my problem, so I could never find a thinning shampoo/conditioner duo to treat my hair. Thank Goodness for “吕”, that recognized the existence of my people and launched this duo. My hair is now half the size than it was before, and twice as smooth! Though the effect only last for 2 days, I really can’t ask for more.


I love me a good red app. (Anyone else with an obsession for app icons that are red? No? Just me? Ok.) Todoist is simple, elegant, modern and red. Every design hits the point unlike other productivity apps like “Wunderlist”. The effortless design is quietly encouraging me to simplify my time.


Every now and then I get the strongest urge to get a couple of tattoos, and April was definitely one of those months. What I want to get haven’t changed much (read more in my TMI Tag), but a couple new ideas have definitely merged…

Dead Poets Society

Feels like I haven’t included a movie favorite in a LONG time. Dead Poets Society is a cult favorite, and for a good reason. If you are underage, please watch the movie as soon as possible while you still have a hold on that young urge and passion. It’s no secret that I adore literature and poems, and the movie integrate them in such a meticulous way that only perfects the portray of innocence and eagerness. A definite recommendation.

Ahh… So great to be back. SO GREAT.

xx L.


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