Model Bloggers

Like you, like me. Beauty junkies are all YouTube slaves – where else do you get the latest information about the latest launches that you can’t get, and see other people’s gigantic makeup collection that you can’t afford?

Here are five of my favorite beauty channels on YouTube.


Jamie is an underrated new favorite. Her editing skills are among the highest in beauty bloggers (evident in her lip-swatch videos) and her videos are very kind to the eyes. Being a professional makeup artist, her looks are advent-guard and inspiring.

Karima McKimmie

a.k.a Shameless Fripperies. Her blog is one of the most organized and beautifully designed I have ever seen and I’m so glad that she carries that through to her channel. Karima is a professional makeup artist, and she reviews like one. Listing pros and cons fills all the Capricorn needs of mine. I love the way she talks, also. Her aussie accent along with her blogging-style dialogue rarely fails to bring me to laughter.


Rach has the fairest skin and combination oily skin, so sometimes her videos doesn’t apply to me that well, but that doesn’t stop my daily craving for her videos. Her videos are of her own style, and honestly feel like a friend talking to you. I love her haul-review series, where she checks back two weeks after a haul to report what worked and what didn’t.


Tati uploads daily. Enough reason to subscribe. Though her skin is more oily and mature, but the range of her makeup and her knowledge about the products makes her a must-follow. Series such like “WTF” (reviewing expensive makeup) and “Hot or Not” are super informative. If you are wondering what to buy? Go to Tati.

Lisa Eldridge

When Eldridge uploads = all else stops. A celeb makeup artist makes her a Godsent to the YouTube realm. If Tati is the queen to products, Eldridge owns the skills. She knows how to do makeup. Full stop. I especially appreciate her thin application and natural looks, much more wearable than some full-face tutorials.

xx L.

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