Swifting Away

This month, I have been making up for the time spent chasing the Swift.

爱的飞行日记 -Jay Chou/跨时代

Jay is still Jay, but I can’t believe I took so long to discover this song. The soft ballad is the perfect song to swing to with your loved one.

龙拳 -Jay Chou/八度空间

Typically a boy’s favorite, but I can’t seem to stop with the rhythm!

听妈妈的话- Jay Chou/依然范特西

In the spirit of mother’s day, I have been obsessed with the mother of all mother-praising songs: Listen to Mom. The Rap is impeccable.

哪里都是你-Jay Chou/十二新作

Sometimes when it rains, your face is all I see…

红色高跟鞋-Tanya Chua/若你碰到他

Oh this has been my JAM! If you have never encountered Tanya Chua – what are you doing with your life? Love me a good singer-songwriter.

你怎么说-Teresa Teng/在水一方

A classic is a classic, a diva is a diva. After all these years, Teresa Teng still owns it.

Storm update tonight.

xx L.


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  1. fragriver says:

    You surely need to listen to more songs of Tanya Chua. Her songs are exceptionally good. I started to listen to Tanya’s song 4 years ago and the first song was also 红色高跟鞋.


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