City of Stars, Land of Dreams

Yay! I’ve been waiting forever to write this post but my internet won’t let me to even open my drafts… Not my fault that posts have been sporadic:)

La La Land

I went to see the Oscar winner a few days after Valentine’s Day – very fitting timing. Of course, I have a selection of original sound tracks from this musical. Namely “City of Stars”, Mia and Seb’s theme and “Audition”. There are not perfect musical songs, but do take me back to that starlit observatory and I can’t ask for more.


This fresh Japanese band’s sound track for last year’s hit movie (that I never got around to see in the theater) “Your Name” is just too bomb. My particular love from the album is “前前前世”. Though I’m not one for reincarnation and destined lovers, the lyrics of the song captures everything about love and romance. A great pic for this romantic month.

橘子汽水 by 南拳妈妈

Speaking of romance, here’s one to the young love birds. I know that I’ve came across this song during my childhood, but this month was the first time that I had a proper listen. I’m graduating high school in just three month and I do regret never experiencing the beautiful moments described in this song. Ahh.

니가 모르게 by Loco

Been also a little obsessed with Korean hip-pop and rap this month. In case you didn’t know, I have been studying Korean on Coursera, and naturally I entered a brand new realm of music. Loco’s cute yet powerful love song “You Don’t Know” isn’t your typical rap music, but if you are looking for something more upbeat, then I’ve got T.O.P’s “DOOM DADA”, Jay Park’s “몸매” (damn Gray can do beats) and Zico’s “Okey Dokey”. All SO dope.

xx L.


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