Long Time No See

Hi. I’m back.

My blogging took a pause after June Favorites, because I was busy applying to colleges and this place became just not a priority. With all that hustle behind me, I can finally sit down and get some typing going… I truly missed this.

The past year has been probably the most life-changing year so far, in retrospective. My grandfather passed away, my cousin got married, I turned 18, got into university, adopted my first dog… However, as the days were going by, they felt kind of mundane, and the accumulated changes didn’t really sink in until midnight NYE. Looking back, the times I appreciated the most, were the few weekends where I explored the cafes and galleries in Shanghai, enjoyed my own company and lived differently than everyone else. This year, I have made it my task to travel more, take more tiny adventures and feel the changes actually happening. I want to live more consciously.

New year, new resolutions. As always, I set out a few guidelines for myself regarding how I want my new year to be. This year, however, my resolutions are intentionally vague, because I don’t care if I “achieve”, I really want to “improve”. I am going to share them in this post, and feel free to hold me accountable.

  1. Learn to have willpower
  2. Independence + responsibility
  3. Develop interests
  4. Improve skin conditions

Also, there are a few things that I want to do in the new year, for I always welcome new adventures.

  1. Get a tattoo
  2. Donate blood
  3. See Jay Chou live (again)
  4. Start a YouTube channel

2017 is for sure to be a year of big changes – graduating, moving to the US, starting college life… And I’m glad I will be able to consciously, sincerely feel those changes happen to me.

So happy new year! I hope you too, will have a good one.

xx L.


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